GIS data repositories

Acquiring GIS Data is always a problem. Below are some of the few free GIS data sets and portals that i found interesting. Click to access the repositories


Why Malaria is and will still be part of sub Saharan Africa: The social economic perspective

This study set out to assess how spatial patterns of the risk of disease transmission and outbreaks amongst heterogeneous socio-economic conditions and communities are likely to influence vulnerability to disease impacts.
Hypothesis:-malaria manifests pre-existing socio-economic conditions in societies in sub Saharan Africa
This study helps draw attention to the factors that create inequality and broaden our focus from individual factors creating the burden to a consideration of the wider social, economic, and political factors which shape the distribution of the burden of malaria disease. Read more…


When the world ended#Not: Exploring Geospatial social media and geolocated twitter data

During the location based services class, we explored the use of geospatial social media and geolocated twitter data for various applications e.g mood, where people are on christmass, the apocalypse and so many others. In our group we concentrated on studying the Buzz around the End of the world(21.12.2012 ) dubbed the apocalypse in USA. see our presentationappocalypse

How can theoretical research results in the field of Ontologies and Semantics have an impact on spatial applications;- Give examples for a theoretical research result and their Application?

Scientists do better science by sharing their resources: computing power, data, tools, models, protocols, results but making resources available is not the same as making them useful to others. There is need to share common understanding of the structure of information among people or software agents, to enable reuse of domain knowledge, to make domain assumptions explicit and to automatically integrate disparate databases. Thus a paper during GIScience theories and concepts seminar class was written to answer the question of how theoretical research results in the field of Ontologies and Semantics have an impact on spatial applications give examples for a theoretical research result and their Application. GIScience: ontologies and semantics

GIS projects

Here are a list of some of the projects done during the masters course that you may find interesting.

Beer Mapping—Find your next Pint!

We hope to help you find your next beer by showing you beer locations around you or around your potential destination. Use the search features on the top of this screen to find the location of places that you might already know about. Or if you want to find out what is near a certain spot on a map, use the lookup on the right of this screen.“More from Beer mapping……”

beer mapping

Maps can Lie! “wrong” Geoinformation can be threat to lives of people?

poor cartography

Apple has updated its new maps system after police in Mildura, Australia, said a number of people trying to find the town of 30,000 people became hopelessly lost in the bush in scorching temperatures.

One man was stranded for 24 hours last week in temperatures of up to 46C and at least three more have had to be rescued after following the directions given on Apple’s new maps, which located Mildura among the dusty, sun-baked trails of Murray-Sunset National Park, the second-largest in Australia and far from the town’s actual position. For more read…